Xpacers, there are some big things brewing! And the likeliest to touch down first is a special one. We’re presently working on a partnership with the COSMOS team, and we’re almost done sharpening things to a fine point.

Once final modalities are ironed out, the first leg of our mission into deep space would’ve begin!!!

The advantage of the tie-up on our end is set to work like this; the COSMOS team will allocate an amount of ATOM from its reserve to reward $PLNT staking participants through Proof-of-Stake (PoS) method. …

Hello Xpacers,

We are extremely glad to say that we’ve been able to build sufficient momentum and activities are continuing at safe rocket pace. There’s been an urge to evolve from abstraction to real services which would allow members of the community to realize additional economic benefits. We have quite a few, very targeted, but at the same time, very interesting use cases in the pipeline.

In our last post, we made an announcement to introduce the Xpace coin (XC). To build on that, we’re gearing to include a few additional use cases into the mix, which will be detailed…

Hello Spacers,

Our Spaceflight is in motion!

It has been a bumpy start to launch of Staking activity and we apologise for the slight irregularities on our platform. In compliance and acknowledgement of these challenges, we have improved our User interface and made the necessary bug fixes;

▪︎ You can now see your position in each pool based on current stake.

▪︎A ‘guide to staking’ tutorial video has also been added to the homepage xpace.finance


Following community projections and verdicts on Airdrop criteria, details of the distribution event have been adjusted as follows

Hello Spacers,

It has been quite a wait for spaceflight and we are glad to announce that we are set to go! We appreciate all the support our robust community has shown in the build up to launch.

Staking on Xpace.finance is going live at 11:00 AM UTC, 6th November 2020

Our Contract addresses for SATURN & MERCURY pools are now verified, together with Planet token contract address.

Planet token(contract address)- https://bscscan.com/token/0x3abfc084a54e5f4e23196e1b9a9c48c3b3021519

Saturn Pool(Plnt-Wbnb)-https://bscscan.com/address/0xEae72C624A34dED4b2C8D6FdB1692BD8Eb6c9998

Mercury Pool(Wbnb-Busd)-https://bscscan.com/address/0x088b4b5c4128d829a7be3ed535e25dd2c1a88f33


As earlier announced, Xpace.finance will facilitate the burn of 20,000 PLNT of the Team allocation. This burn will be initiated 3 hours after…

Hello spacers,

it has been a very difficult week for us and a busy one also, firstly we will like to apologize for postponing our launch, we found a bug in the contract that relinquish ownership to an address not in our control, we were made to know about this few hours before launch by a community member, after which we had to take a difficult decision to postpone launch, we know you guys are excited about the Xpace, but we would like to keep the project for as long as possible, we never had any plan to rug pull…

With our much anticipated launch finally here, we are glad to announce core novel products currently under development that will drive our community beyond Cosmic boundaries.

● Supercharged NFTs

The DeFi space is blazing hot with new projects reeling in everyday, presenting varying features and mind boggling APYs. Newest in this space are NFTs (non-fungible tokens) To know what NFTs are kindly watch video in the link below


Xpace.finance is the first project on the Binance smart chain ecosystem to incorporate NFTs and crypto collectibles into liquidity mining. Our vision is to conquer the planets and discover rare, valuable…

Hello Spacers,

We are about to make that much anticipated, astronomical leap into space and indeed it’ll be a jolly adventure as we explore the boundless universe together!


For new members of our community, Xpace.finance is a protocol built on Binance smart chain to boost rewards on liquidity mining (space mining) via lower gas costs and utilizing incentivisation strategies, Supercharged NFT collectibles and community governance models.


Following our just concluded Spacedrop distribution activity which had 62600 planet tokens $PLNT distributed among eligible recipient addresses on Binance Smart Chain, we have formally verified…

Hello Spacers!

Our Spacedrop distribution of $PLNT has just concluded. 62660 Planet tokens are being spacedropped into eligible recipients wallets in what happens to be one of the most widespread Airdrop campaigns on the Binance smart chain

(Do note that 10% of Total $PLNT supply — i.e 100,000 was initially allocated for Spacedrop. The remaining 37,340 tokens will be assigned to Syrup pool on Pancakeswap after community verdict is made)

You can see token contract https://bscscan.com/address/0x3AbfC084a54E5f4e23196e1B9a9c48c3B3021519

More news;

You can now provide liquidity for $PLNT on pancakeswap. Remember only PLNT-BNB LP tokens from pancakeswap will be the only eligible tokens to mine our spacecraft NFTs that will be issued on our platform. Our earlier plan to list on BSCswap had to be adjusted due to recent irregular developments on the platform.

Hello Spacers, thanks for being part of this shuttle flight into space exploration. As we embark on this journey out of earth, Xpace finance will be distributing 10,000 Planet tokens, $PLNT to qualified users.

Spacedrop Details


Planet token Spacedrop is scheduled for 12:00 AM UTC, 6th of October, 2020.


Total spacedrop supply is 10,000 PLNT ( 1% of total supply of $PLNT) for 1,000 addresses i.e 10 PLNT/address


1. In line with our commitment to join in the advancement of the Binance Smart chain ecosystem, Xpace finance will distribute PLNT to BSC address that have transactions with…

A protocol built on Binance smart chain to boost rewards on liquidity mining (space mining) on lower gas costs and utilizing incentivisation strategies, Supercharged NFT collectibles and community governance models. Yes you heard that right, you can mine rare limited NFTs even in space!


Most DEFI yield farming protocols are built on Ethereum and this places limitation on inclusiveness for a wider range of market participants; in other words, prospective market players with more modest balances will be discouraged from partaking in market activities

Xpace finance is leveraging on BSC key features to allow…

Xpace Finance

Liquidity mining multiplier on Binance smart chain

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